Website and Newsletters are a Mystery for You?

You may be at the beginning of your business journey or you may have managed to build a business without having any online presence so far - in either case you want to start with some marketing activities that don't break the bank. 

This is a particularly difficult place to be in when you aren't quite sure yet about your services, your niche, or your messaging. Spending a lot of money on branding and a website usually isn't worth it, as the content most likely will change as you play with different messaging to see what works with your ideal clients.

And yet, I believe having some form of website presence is a must-have for any business these days to show that you are legit. Only, how to go about it cost-effectively if you feel uncomfortable with all the technology these days?

You may also have a list of contacts, former clients and people who have expressed interest in your services and you want to stay in touch with them, but the technicalities of a simple newsletter is completely outside your comfort zone.

I have seen many clients struggle with wanting to get their business off the ground and yet feeling unprofessional doing so without some online presence. To overcome this hurdle, I have developed step-by-step instructions, walking you through a simple website set-up or a simple newsletter development so that you can feel confident in your online presence and can put your focus on the truly important aspect of marketing, which is connection building with your ideal clients.

Step-by-Step Classes

Create your own web presence using Mailchimp - easily and with support
Connect with your contacts through engaging newsletters - easily and with support

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